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SIMEZA is currently in a position that places it as one of the companies with more growth capacity in the near future. We can find its product in dozens of countries across the five continents. Coinciding with the process of change, partnerships, expansion and modernization that is currently being undertaken in the company, it was essential to approach a process of restyling its logo, until now obsolete, and lacking a basic regulation for Its use and / or application in the multiple communication tasks that are addressed daily in a company of this size. Likewise, it was important to develop a Corporate Visual Identity Manual, which standardized the main communication applications that will serve the brand to establish the communication relationships with its environment.

A correct and seamless use of the SIMEZA’s brand will undoubtedly contribute to the achievement of the objectives of clear identification and recognition. This task must be consolidated, to make SIMEZA a project with a more solid future and a brand image to the height of its capabilities.

Fortunately, a brand is much more than a visual perception. It means positioning, differentiation, language, aesthetics ... SIMEZA aims to position its brand as the main reference in the sector of agricultural and livestock storage facilities. For this, our main allies among others will be: online marketing through its different media, mainly the web universe, email marketing and social medias, video, photography and a professional content management, directing the communication to the public it corresponds.
We will also professionalize our presence in the main sector trade fairs in which we participate throughout the world, as well as in the documentation through which we will present our services in a "physical" way, such as corporate dossier, catalogs or technical data sheets of products.

In short, and although we still have a lot to do in this regard, we will work with dedication, determination and firm hand to try to get a more effective and aligned communication with our customers and service providers. It is a long-term project but from minute one we already see it as a great vision.

SIMEZA. Communication Department

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