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Frequently Asked Questions

More than 40 years of experience in design, production and installation of SILOS made of galvanized steel sheets

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What products can be stored in a silo?
SIMEZA silos are designed mainly for the storage of cereals, grains, maize, paddy rice, oleaginous seeds, seeds or any free flow granule products. Also for storage of composed feeds, flours and additives in our Farm Silos.
What maintenance does a silo need?
Periodical inspections are recommended, basically (on the conveying systems), and a visual inspection on the coating against corrosion and rust. Contrary to other manufacturer´s silos, SIMEZA Silos, barely need cleaning thanks to our special patch of the wall corrugation.
How long can a product remain stored in a silo?
The storage period differs accordingly to humidity and temperature conditions either ambient or the grain´s itself. El tiempo de almacenamiento varía según las condiciones de humidad y temperatura del grano. With a good aeration or conditioning, the grains can be stored for long time. For example, under ideal conditions for a long storage:
  • Cereals: 14% humidity and temperature not more than 20ºC.
  • Peas and others: Less than 14% humidity and cooled at 14ºC or less.
What needed for Civil Works?
The civil Works differ from a country to another and depending on soil resistance. SIMEZA supplies with all necessary drawings for the foundation, aeration channels…etc. As well as the corresponding loads to submit to the construction company for executing the works on site.
Can aeration and fans be automatized?
The fans start-up for a suitable aeration, must be done when the meteorological conditions allow that because of the influence of the ambient humidity and temperature levels. SIMEZA has a temperature control system with the possibility of automating the aeration including a weather station.
Does a silo erection and assembly require big efforts?
The silos are assembled using bolts, thus the assembly doesn´t require skilled labors. SIMEZA provides the customers with supervisors and technical support, as well as the tools for a correct assembly and to facilitate the tasks on site.