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SIMEZA offers a wide range of possibilities in Tanks


SIMEZA’s Tanks are used for the storage of liquids. They are designed according to the Euro-Code European norms and are manufactured to withstand stress caused by continuous use, extreme temperatures, high winds and heavy snow. They also offer greater resistance to corrosion through thicker galvanization on the steel sheets.

They are entirely manufactured in galvanized steel with the possibility of choosing between a galvanized or pre-painted finish. The joints are sealed with unalterable putties to the weather. To give a greater tightness to all the junctions, a layer of impermeable painting based on cement and resins is applied. Subsequently and to give it a perfect finish, a primer to the entire interior surface and a waterproof paint to all interior joints is applied.

SIMEZA’s tanks cover a wide range of models from 2.3 meters to 42.8 meters in diameter and from 4 to 3.000 m³ capacity.