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Due to the health crisis caused by the global expansion of COVID-19, we are facing difficult times..

The PETKUS management, has taken the necessary measures to safeguard the health of each and every one of our employees, both in our central facilities in Germany and in the other regional offices and facilities of other companies of the PETKUS Group, as is the case of SIMEZA.

We are a company present worldwide and that is why we understand the situation and its particular circumstances anywhere.

Regarding the support and service to our clients, PETKUS and SIMEZA has a perfectly structured and organized network to provide support and/or offer solutions, therefore, if you need to resolve any queries or issues with any of our products, contact us through the email account

PETKUS wants to thank you all without exception, for your commitment and responsibility, as well as the trust that you place in our company every day. In addition, we want to send a message of solidarity and support to all the people who are fighting tirelessly every day around the world against this pandemic, to the sick and their families who are suffering it and also to the doctors, nurses and health workers who are fighting tirelessly against it.

As it happened in other complicated moments in the history of humanity, all united, we will overcome this crisis and without a doubt, this will also happen.

We wish you much encouragement and health to face this battle.

Take care!


Opening of overtime accounts.
Flexibility of work schedules, including the possibility of working on Saturdays.
Organization of shift systems.

Facilitate home-office for employees
Expand work areas, using other areas and other buildings of our facilities
Reduction of visitors to "zero" 
Acquisition and commissioning of technical applications for remote access

Avoid meetings and/or conferences with a large number of people
Promote the use of video calls as a media for our communications

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